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Previous SA Blog Awards: 2007

The 2008 South African Blog Awards - Wiki


Welcome to the 2008 SA Blog Awards Wiki. Here you will be register yourself to attend the awards ceremony, so on with the show.


The 2008 South African blogs awards ceremony will be hosted on Wednesday 2nd April 2008 at Cape Town.


Time: 6:30 for 7pm

Dress: (Smart casual) <--- smart casual's arse - come comfortable. ;) <--- Oh yes, you're getting everything for free, so just make up your own rules why don't you?

Address: UCT Tennis club

Programme: Formal awards between 7 - 9pm

Bring: Cash for drinks at the bar. No food can be bought, free food will be supplied at the event

RSVP: If you're planning to attend, please edit this page with the password, inviteme, and put your name on the list below. Also, please indicate whether or not you drink alcohol and if you're a vegetarian.



http://www.uct.ac.za/images/uct.ac.za/contact/campusmaps/big/upper.jpg (Grid ref: A7)


Please note:

We only have space and food for a 120 people maximum, so anyone putting their name on the attendance register after that should please put their name on the waiting list (no cheating).

And if you're no longer attending, when removing your name from the list, kindly move the next person on the waiting list onto the attendance register.


Also please note:

If you are in line to win any of the categories, please make sure you, or your representative, are at the ceremony to collect your trophy, otherwise we will have give away the trophy.


(The password to edit this wiki is: inviteme)


Attendance List


  1. Jonathan Cherry - http://www.cherryflava.com
  2. Tertia Albertyn - http://tertia.org/
  3. Jason Bagley - http://www.jasonbagley.com
  4. Shane Dryden - http://www.yuppiechef.co.za
  5. Andrew Smith - http://www.ideate.co.za
  6. Mike Stopforth - http://www.mikestopforth.com">http://www.mikestopforth.com
  7. Rafiq Phillips - http://www.google.com/search?q=rafiq+phillips
  8. Charl Norman - http://www.charlnorman.com (Meat, Alcohol)
  9. Foxinni (Meat, Alcohol)
  10. Dave Duarte - http://www.daveduarte.co.za
  11. Vincent Maher - http://www.vincentmaher.com">http://www.vincentmaher.com has been known to drink
  12. Simone Puterman - http://blog.bizcommunity.co does enjoy a tot or two. vegetarian, please
  13. Rouvanne & Lenny van den Berg - http://peakperformances.co.za/insidepeak/ (sex, drugs & rock n' roll - meaning we drink, and eat meat!)
  14. Roy Godfrey - http://eishonline.co.za">http://eishonline.co.za All reviewed out!
  15. Christopher Mills (drinker) - iMod.co.za
  16. CJC aka Riply - riply.co.za eric claptons guitar cd collector
  17. Glen Verran - http://www.thezashow.com - bring on the booze - and the meat.
  18. Bridgitte Verran - http://www.thezashow.com - no booze for her - she's pregnant - but meat is good. :)
  19. Lyall Edward Mc Evoy - http://www.flenix.com/ Alcohol please! ;)
  20. Matthew Buckland - http://www.matthewbuckland.com">http://www.matthewbuckland.com (I can like to drink with a straw)
  21. Rory Williams - http://www.carbonsmart.com
  22. Kerry-Anne Gilowey - Cape Town Daily Photo (I drink alcohol)
  23. Paul Gilowey - Cape Town Daily Photo (he drinks alcohol too)
  24. Chris schafer-(i drink and drink and drink and drink alcohol)
  25. Miguel dos Santos
  26. Bridget McNulty & Mark - www.blog.bridgetmcnulty.com (we drink a little)
  27. Tristan Waterkeyn & John Bartmann -http://www.overtone.co.za">http://www.overtone.co.za- SA Music and Entertainment
  28. Fred Roed - World Wide Creative
  29. Mike Perk - World Wide Creative
  30. Nicola - World Wide Creative
  31. Sophia Lindop - http://capetable.typepad.com (and Paddy Lindop)
  32. Emiley Vollmer - www.evomedia.co.za
  33. Nur Ahmad Furlong - www.nomad-one.com
  34. GW Williams rock blues guitar in concert www.GWConcert
  35. Lauren Shantall - www.elledeco.blogspot.com (no special requirements)
  36. Alison Westwood (I'd love a drink, thanks)
  37. Susan Smalberger
  38. Mandy Schreiber - www.trafficbrand.com - A drink would be great thank you :)
  39. William Holden (Yes, I'm a drinker)
  40. Sean Lloyd- http://www.slxs.co.za ( I'm not a vegetarian and I drink excessively)
  41. Charles Versfeld (Not a Veg and drink almost just as much as Sean Lloyd)
  42. Jan Boshoff
  43. volume pills
  44. Jonty Fisher - http://jontyfisher.blogspot.com">http://jontyfisher.blogspot.com
  45. Jeanette Verster - http://jenty-mylifeinpics.blogspot.com (and yes, I drink alchohol)
  46. FaB - (Sure to be thirsty by 18:30, not sure I'll be sober still, will give it a try...)
  47. KaB - Rocking the funbus takes a few turns around the bend...alcohol required, thanks!
  48. William Smook - It would be considered churlish to not drink, so I'll force myself.
  49. Sarah Manners (Drinker) - http://www.gottaquirk.com
  50. Carlos Menezes (Drinking assistant) - http://www.gottaquirk.com
  51. Bronwen Meijer (drinker) www.bronwen.name
  52. Carl Meijer (drinker) www.hammingweight.com
  53. Mike Clark Yes OKOK enough I AM a drinker
  54. Chris Gibbons (gibson guitar owner)
  55. Steven Burnett (Thirsty carnivore) http://muizies.blogspot.com
  56. Christine da Silva (drinker & no red meat) www.altersage.com
  57. Joey da Silva (-retired- heavy drinker) www.formfunction.co.za
  58. Don Pinnock (eat nothing that grows whiskers)
  59. Isaac Hayes - singer 
  60. Retanya Reyneke (Drinks)
  61. Michelle Matthews - Cookie (Not Cheffy) (Eats: A lot. Drinks: A sociable amount.)
  62. Andrew Bayley (Can consume own body mass in beer)
  63. Jackie Bischof + 1 is possible? (drinks less than the Naked Editor, but can knock back a few Cosmo's): http://jaxbischof.wordpress.com">http://jaxbischof.wordpress.com
  64. Grant McLachlan (I've been known to drink)
  65. Kate Thompson (drinks enough) http://blog.earth-touch.com , http://www.flowsa.com
  66. Abigail Mills (Drinks)
  67. David Murray - http://www.clickthinking.com
  68. Scott Ramsay
  69. Ashraf Anter (no drinks. Halaal/Veg)
  70. Jonathan Hitchcock - http://vhata.net/ (won't eat anything that had a name, unless properly introduced. Won't drink anything with coke in it. Everything else goes.)
  71. Nisha Ebrahim (no drinks. Halaal/Veg).
  72. Catherine Luckhoff http://www.mango-omc.com/
  73. Bev Merriman http://www.feistyfemale.com/
  74. Raymond Kilfoil (Drinker, Eat anything)
  75. Gavin Levin http://www.TrafficSynergy.co.za (Meat, Alcohol)
  76. Shelly Levin http://www.TrafficSynergy.co.za (Veg, Water)
  77. Martin Hattingh - www.d2.co.za guitar,keyboards singer 
  78. Neil Blakey-Milner - nxsy.org (Veg, tee-totaller)
  79. Tamisme - http://tamisme.blogspot.com/ (Veggie and Cadbury - ie the skinny drunk chick)
  80. Marlon Parring - www.baker-street.co.za (Meat-Alcohol)
  81. Kelly (I drink like a fish) Wheeler - www.gottaquirk.com
  82. Kathleen (Alcohol and Meat)
  83. Simon Back http://backsberg.blogspot.com (make wine so um yes to alcohol and eat meat)
  84. Lyndi Lawson (been known to have the odd drink)
  85. Tim Shier (Been known to have more than the odd drink)
  86. Julia Jakobsen (doesn't find drinking odd in the first place)
  87. Katharina (who drinks more than Kelly) Scholtz
  88. Tam (Veg,drinks) www.twisted.co.za
  89. J-C (Meat, Alcohol) www.twisted.co.za
  90. Leigh Stefanski www.getaway.co.za
  91. Rijk de Jamaer www.getaway.co.za
  92. Justin Fox www.getaway.co.za
  93. Megan Knox www.getaway.co.za
  94. Rob House www.getaway.co.za
  95. Tamlin Wightman www.getaway.co.za
  96. Ashleigh Smith www.getaway.co.za
  97. Jean Sleigh www.getaway.co.za
  98. Fatima Jakoet (vegetarian and no alcohol) www.getaway.co.za
  99. Jacqueline Lahoud www.getaway.co.za
  100. Jazz Kuschke www.getaway.co.za
  101. Sally (Jazz's girlfriend) www.getaway.co.za
  102. Jan Folmer www.justvocabulary.com (meat+alcohol)
  103. Elisabeth Stavenga www.bizpiazza.com (meat + alcohol)
  104. Jason www.zoopy.com
  105. Pat www.zoopy.com
  106. Gerry www.zoopy.com
  107. Lindsey & Helena www.iamastormer.com (meat & booz)
  108. Fiona MacDonald back up singer
  109. Karen Gaylard (the Tamar lot are happy with meat and booz) http://searchblog.tamar.com/
  110. Myles Wilson http://searchblog.tamar.com/
  111. Nico van der Walt http://searchblog.tamar.com/
  112. Nielson Hall http://searchblog.tamar.com/
  113. Dan Nash (I'll drink, but just because everyone else is) http://bangersandnash.com/
  114. Gareth Winky (booz and meat)
  115. Brandon Golding (carnivorous alcoholic)+ 1 (veg)
  116. Brad Hutton (no drinks)
  117. Heidi Edelmuller (drinker & eater of most things) http://www.gottaquirk.biz
  118. Paddy Clark (one glass and I am anybodys)
  119. Gareth Randle (drinker and eater of all things - the weirder the better)
  120. Dolce http://livingladolcevita.wordpress.com (I'll try anything once; twice if I like it)


Waiting List


  1. Mel (drinks and meat)
  2. Roxanne Clifton (lots of drinks...no ice thanks! Food for lining!)
  3. Timothy Lambrechts (eat and drink most things) http://www.wiredcommunications.co.za/">http://www.wiredcommunications.co.za/
  4. Pia Taylor (+1) (drinks + food) http://www.mothercityliving.co.za/
  5. Blanche Simmons www.warwickwine.com/blogspot singer song writer 

7. Jayne Morgan (+2) - am coming anyway won't eat if not enough room www.podcart.co.za

8. mel g (drinks/ no food)

9. Heather Moore www.skinnylaminx.com and http://elledeco.blogspot.com (vegetarian)

10. Brittany Osborne www.slxs.co.za (Drink copious amounts and eat meat)





Tentative [has been heard to say s/he will be coming]

  1. -Louise Marsland - http://blog.bizcommunity.com">http://blog.bizcommunity.com-
  2. Louisa Bouwer (drinker) - 123 Blog Myself
  3. Mike Said - http://toomuchcofee.co.za- (depending on flights)
  4. Tank Lanning - http://sportblogs.24.com/frg - Not shy of a 1 kg rump and a yard of ale, but why on the same night as the AMASA function?
  5. Damian Stephens - www.pioneerunit.com (Meat / Alcohol - We're shooting in the evening so might be a bit late....)
  6. Anne-Sophie Leens - www.apartmentstudios.net (Meat / Alcohol - We're shooting in the evening so might be a bit late....)
  7. Tristan Owen -www.tristanowen.co.za


Comments (7)

Anonymous said

at 7:55 pm on Mar 22, 2007

123 Listen 2 Me is looking forward to meeting fellow podcasters

Anonymous said

at 2:09 pm on Mar 23, 2007

Hey Isobel

We'd love to chat to you about podcasting!

Anonymous said

at 5:35 am on Mar 19, 2008

Where is the event being held? I see the main page says Cape town but the address is in JHB?

Anonymous said

at 12:11 pm on Mar 20, 2008

UCT is often in Cape Town i think ;)

Anonymous said

at 8:37 am on Mar 22, 2008

How difficult is this place to find from the N1 for someone who's GPS is broken?

Anonymous said

at 1:49 pm on Mar 27, 2008

Go on N1 to Cape Town,
Take off-ramp after Century City going towards Muizenberg...
Take next off ramp going to Cape Town (yes seriously)
Stay in left lane and you will naturally take 3rd off ramp (towards Muizenberg)
stay in left lane, pass a windmill and take next off ramp( should have UCT sign), turn right under freeway, You are now at UCT! Follow road halfway up Table Mountain...then into a forest, when you see tennis courts, you have ARRIVED!
Sorry, don't know the road name

Anonymous said

at 2:49 pm on Apr 2, 2008

do we need to bring any form of id with???

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